Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shine Bright, Shine Far.

Sorry this post is so late! I have been really busy this weekend with working and trying to get everything ready for school on Monday! I didn't even have time to paint my nails, which was strange for me. With school coming on Monday I decided to go for a nail look that was flashy and would make me feel motivated. I love this look because it is fun and colorful, and the stars on the thumb and ring finger make it more interesting. This whole nail design was done using only nail art pens also, which makes the design easier to control.

( In Order of Picture )
  • Kiss Nail Art Pen in Pink
  • Kiss Nail Art Pen in Silver
  • Kiss Nail Art Pen in Black


  1. First, what you want to do is paint your nails all over with a shiny top coat. This will give us the base for this look. I say a "shiny" top coat because I believe because your not painting the nail all over with a color then you should have a nice shine on the parts of the nail that is not colored.
  2. After you have waited for the shine to dry you want to paint half of your nail with the pink nail art brush. Start from the bottom of your nail and draw a diagonal line up to the tip of your nail. Color in one side of the diagonal line creating a solid triangle on one half of your nail. I recommend doing the diagonal lines on one side of your hand one way and the other hand the opposite.
  3. Next you are going to want to do the stars, I chose to do them on my thumb and ring finger, but you can change that. I also decided to do my stars fairly big, so that I could choose to have some part of the star not on the nail. To do the star I looked up a picture of a star online, this made it easier for me to draw it on my nail because I just followed the lines. I did my stars in the silver nail art brush.
  4. Next while you wait for the stars to dry you want to take another nail art brush color and on the nails that you didn't paint the stars paint a black stipe just on the edge of the pink triangle. Then do the same with the silver nail art brush next to the black stripe. 
  5. After the stars have dried you want to take the black nail art brush and outline the stars. This just makes the stars pop against the rest of the nail.
  6. Once you are completely dry you want to take your shiny top coat that you used as your base and paint two coats of this on your nails.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I cannot wait to start school Monday! That is also when I will do my first blog on the "Empire Beauty School" series! Where I will try to remember to blog every day my experience at school. I hope that a lot of you will find this interesting if you wanted to know what it was like to go to beauty school or if you are thinking about Beauty School! As usual I would love to see you try this look or I would also love some comments.

xoxo Emma

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  1. It looks stunning!! Might give it a go!!

    Christina xx