Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Long Time No See!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have updated or used this blog, but I think I am going to begin using it again. The name of my blog will still stay the same because I will still be writing posts about nails and hair but also in the title is the word "me". So I am going to start including a little more about myself.

I don't want anyone to think that this is a scam or me trying to get you to sign up for something that wouldn't bring you any purpose, but I promise that this is one hundred percent me and I wouldn't do anything to sway you any differently!

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All you have to do on this website is take surveys, complete offers, and sometimes even get money for buying something that you want! This website is really easy to use and it has legit pictures of peoples checks that they have recieved to prove that this is a real website and it is actually legit!

I promise you that if you are struggling for money or if you just need some extra cash to spend on yourself that this website is for you! I am not asking any of you to actually use this website, but I am just trying to help anyone that may be in the same position that I am in. If anyone has any questions I am always up for answering if you'd like to put them in the comments section!

If anyone is actually interested in using this website I am going to provide the link and I will become your referrer, so you will be able to message me directly using that link when you sign up!  Just click on this link and sign up and start making money today!

Love, Emma xxx

Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Up Beauty Boxes!

So, After many long hours of internet searching and reading many reviews I have decided to sign up to get a monthly subscription box sent to me every month. I wasn't sure which one to choose because I have heard many that have a good reputation and review, but I finally decided on the Glam Bag. The Glam Bag is made by a website called Ipsy. This monthly subscription box, or should I say bag, really caught my eye because of the unique design. Instead of getting the products in a box, you get them in a cute little bag! I think that this is really worth the small price of only ten dollars a month because not only are you getting your four to five samples, but you are also getting a nice bag to store make-up or whatever you want in it. I thought that this was very worth the mere ten dollars because of the versatility of the product. (Website for the Box)

When I first went on the Website it was very well designed and really easy to use. I clicked sign up, and you get sent to this quiz. You take a quiz that asks you various questions about your style and products that you like, ect. What the website claims is that with these questions they will help generate a box that is perfect for you and your personality, we will see about that when I get my first bag! What is good about these questions is it gives you the opportunity to choose more than one answer, because we all know that us girls can never make a decision on one thing! ;) Also, the website gives you the option to skip a certain question if you really don't want to answer the question or it just isn't relevant to you.

What is EXTREMELY awesome about this company is that they are affiliated with so many amazing brands of products that will appear in your bag at one time or another. When the questionnaire asked me what kinds of brands I would like to see in my bag I was expecting to see maybe a few brands I knew, but not much that I would find impressive...but boy was I wrong! When going through the list there are so many brands such as; OPI, Essie, Urban Decay, NYX, Clinique, Neutragina, Benefit, Butter London, Tarte, and many, many more! I was very impressed with the amount of brand names I knew and was very familiar with!

Another impressive thing about the quiz that I took was that they really went into detail about making my bag really apt towards me. First they started by asking the make-up, hair, and body products that I used the most. Then they proceed to ask your skin color, eye color, and hair color. I really love that they are taking the time to ask these questions because then they can make sure that all the colors of products that they will be sending me will match with the colors of my skin, eyes, and hair. Another amazing point in their company, well done Ipsy! So far I am very impressed...and I haven't even received a bag yet!

After all the questioning and creating your username and such you are asked which payment plan you would like to choose. They give you two options; Yearly: which is twelve bags for $110 or Monthly: Which you are billed ten dollars a month to your account and you get your bag every month. I chose the monthly option because it is more flexible for me and it is easiest to be able to just cancel at anytime after a month without having to worry about money that has already been taken from my account. 

Well, I have paid for my bag and hopefully it will be arriving soon and I can't wait! I am going to update you folks every month when I get one with pictures and how much I am loving my bag so far!

xoxo Emma.

New Start

Well, It's been a while since I've last blogged and I apologize! I have gone through so many changes in the past couple months that it's been almost unbearable. For starters I should say that I graduated Empire Beauty School and passed my state boards! Passing my State Boards was obviously one of the most amazing moments in my life, I would say. As, any normal person would be, I was so nervous. So, after passing my boards I was on a job hunt. I have actually got a job at Karma which is a hair salon in the town I live in. I start Wednesday and am pretty excited! There will be different blog posts about each of these topics, which will be coming in the near future, I just thought I would do a little post explaining where I have been. SOOO keep looking and I promise I wont disappear for that long ever again!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shine Bright, Shine Far.

Sorry this post is so late! I have been really busy this weekend with working and trying to get everything ready for school on Monday! I didn't even have time to paint my nails, which was strange for me. With school coming on Monday I decided to go for a nail look that was flashy and would make me feel motivated. I love this look because it is fun and colorful, and the stars on the thumb and ring finger make it more interesting. This whole nail design was done using only nail art pens also, which makes the design easier to control.

( In Order of Picture )
  • Kiss Nail Art Pen in Pink
  • Kiss Nail Art Pen in Silver
  • Kiss Nail Art Pen in Black


  1. First, what you want to do is paint your nails all over with a shiny top coat. This will give us the base for this look. I say a "shiny" top coat because I believe because your not painting the nail all over with a color then you should have a nice shine on the parts of the nail that is not colored.
  2. After you have waited for the shine to dry you want to paint half of your nail with the pink nail art brush. Start from the bottom of your nail and draw a diagonal line up to the tip of your nail. Color in one side of the diagonal line creating a solid triangle on one half of your nail. I recommend doing the diagonal lines on one side of your hand one way and the other hand the opposite.
  3. Next you are going to want to do the stars, I chose to do them on my thumb and ring finger, but you can change that. I also decided to do my stars fairly big, so that I could choose to have some part of the star not on the nail. To do the star I looked up a picture of a star online, this made it easier for me to draw it on my nail because I just followed the lines. I did my stars in the silver nail art brush.
  4. Next while you wait for the stars to dry you want to take another nail art brush color and on the nails that you didn't paint the stars paint a black stipe just on the edge of the pink triangle. Then do the same with the silver nail art brush next to the black stripe. 
  5. After the stars have dried you want to take the black nail art brush and outline the stars. This just makes the stars pop against the rest of the nail.
  6. Once you are completely dry you want to take your shiny top coat that you used as your base and paint two coats of this on your nails.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I cannot wait to start school Monday! That is also when I will do my first blog on the "Empire Beauty School" series! Where I will try to remember to blog every day my experience at school. I hope that a lot of you will find this interesting if you wanted to know what it was like to go to beauty school or if you are thinking about Beauty School! As usual I would love to see you try this look or I would also love some comments.

xoxo Emma

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Water Marbling, WITH water

As promised, I said I was going to do a tutorial of how to water marble using water instead of just a tooth pick. Keep in mind that this type of water marbling is a lot harder than the way to do it with a toothpick. I do agree that this comes out with a lot cooler designs, but it is defiantly very time consuming. I am going to try my best to show you how to water marble and I am going to try to show you in the easiest way possible, so it will hopefully make it a little easier for you to try.

( In Order of Picture )
  • Sinful Colors in 804 Gorgeous
  • Kiss Nail Art Paint in Silver
  • A little glass to put your water in
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in 280 Rapid Red
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice in Reverso
  • Water
  • A toothpick
  • Tape


  1. First what your going to want to do is tape all around your nails. This means the skin just outside of your nail on both sides and also the skin below the nail. Doing this makes it easier to not make such a big mess. If you put the tape around the nail when you dip your finger in the nail polish then you wont get all of the excess nail polish on your skin. At the end you will be able to peel off the tape and then with a q-tip just clean off the extra nail polish, if there is any, with nail polish remover.
  2. Now you can use as many colors as you want for this look, I was doing a fourth of July look so I used red white and blue. I know that there is also a purple color on my nails in the picture, but I didn't use a purple, the colors just mixed together creating that look. So, choose the colors that you want and fill your little glass up to the top with water.
  3. In the order that you want the colors drop each nail polish color into the water. By this I mean to dip your nail polish brush into the nail polish and hold it just above your water, let the little nail polish droplet go into the water. You will see the nail polish expand, this is supposed to happen. Repeat this step with all your colors. Don't wait too long to drop the other colors in because you don't want the nail polish to completely dry on the surface of the water. ( Video Included at the bottom of this page* )

( This is what the nail polish should look like when it's in the water. )

  1. After you have all the colors you want on the water take your toothpick and gently glide across all the colors making a desired pattern. For the best water marbling look you want to make sure that you blend all the colors together making the pattern look the way you want it to.
  2. Next you want to take the nail that your ready to water marble and dip it all the way into the water making sure that you get the nail right into the middle of the design. Repeat this step on all of the nails.
  3. This nail design takes a little while to dry depending on how much nail polish you used. So i would suggest doing this when you have a lot of time to wait for them to dry.
  4. When they are fully dry put on a top coat so that you can seal the design and make it shiny.


I hope that this tutorial made it easier for some of you to achieve the water marble style of nails. I know it is often very hard to water marble and it is a popular style so knowing how to do it feels good. If you try this style or found my tutorial helpful please comment and let me know!

xoxo Emma

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dinner Dance Hair Tutorial

Well, I haven't done a blog post about any kind of hair styling yet, so I thought it was about time to do one. This hair style was done on my little sister for her Eighth Grade Dinner Dance. This style is actually really easy to do and looks very neat. I love it on long hair, but it can also very easily be done on short hair also. Let's Get Started!

  • Bobby Pins 
  • Little Hair Elastics
  • Hair Spray
  • A Pretty Flower Clip, if you wish.

  1. First what you want to do is brush the hair and make sure that it is rid of all knots or kinks. 
  2. Next you want to take some hair from above the ear and start to braid that, I would make it a little thick but not too thick. Once you have braided all the way down to the bottom of the hair, you will need to secure that with one of your hair elastics.
  3. Repeat step two on the other side of the head.
  4. Once you have your two braids bring one around the back of the head and secure it with bobby pins onto the opposite side of the head from where you started the braid just above the ear.
  5. Repeat step four with the other braid.
  6. Once you have completed these steps you should have the same look above. If the two braids aren't staying together like you want them to then you can take some more of your bobby pins and attach the braids together by threading the bobby pins through one braid and then to the other.
  7. Once you have finished with the braids you can leave the hair straight or you can curl the ends, I curled the ends of my sister's hair for this look.

Now if you don't like the way it looks just plain or there are too many bobby pins showing on one side then you can take a hair decoration and just attach it to the start of the braids, like I did in the picture above. I think that if you are going out somewhere to a dance or out for dinner then the extra decoration makes the style a little classier. If you are just going to the beach or for a walk downtown then I suggest not adding any decorations for a more casual look. I hope that you enjoyed the first of my hair tutorials and there will be more to come!

xoxo Emma.

A Twist to Cheetah Print Nails

I have decided to try something different for this post, I have created a youtube channel where I will also post all of my tutorials on my nails and hair. I thought that this would be an easier way to show you all how to create the tutorial. I will still be doing step by step instructions but for people who would rather see a visual to do the steps I will put the video onto the blog post also! 

Today's nail tutorial will be a twist to the regular Cheetah Print nails! I decided that since the Cheetah Print nail trend is going up in popularity then I wanted to create a look that is different from the regular. This tutorial is actually easy and you will be surprised at how easy it is for you to create! 

( In Order of The Picture )
  • Revlon Clear Coat in 771 Clear
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice in Ringmaster
  • Kiss nail art Paint in Black
  • Kiss nail art Paint in Silver
  • Circus by Andrea's Choice in Reverso
  • A paintbrush
  • A scrap piece of paper

  1. First, as usual you will want to put on your base coat which makes the nails less breakable!
  2. For your first step you want to paint your nails completely with your pink color. With the first coat you will notice that it is a little streaky, to prevent this all you need to do is just paint another coat of the pink. You can paint as many coats as you want till you achieve the perfect color.
  3. Next you want to create a diagonal stripe across your nail from the bottom of your nail to the top of your nail. On one side of the line you want to fill in half of your nail with the silver nail art brush. I also recommend that you do two coats of the silver because you don't want to be able to see the pink background color through the silver.
  4. After you have the silver you want to start to paint the white cheetah spots. Take your scrap paper and your white nail polish and also your paintbrush. Put a dollop of the white paint onto your scrap piece of paper. Then dip the end of your paint brush into the white nail polish and start to create the cheetah spots on the silver background. If you don't know what cheetah spots look like then you can look up a picture online. You don't want to create a full circle but you want to make uneven spots.
  5. With the white spots you don't want to do too many because you need space to put black little spots in the spaces.
  6. Next you need to take the black nail art brush and create half moon shapes around the white spots. This will make the cheetah kind of look on your nails. You can do any shape you want and any thickness that you would like to use. Don't make a full circle around the white spot, you need to leave a little space.
  7. Finally create little half moon black shapes in the silver background on the spaces between the cheetah spots.
  8. As usual the last step is to wait for the nails to completely dry and then put your top coat on.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you try to recreate it on your own! I also really hope that the video helped you to follow along with the tutorial and made it a little easier for you to recreate the look on your own!

xoxo Emma.