Monday, May 13, 2013

Make Up Beauty Boxes!

So, After many long hours of internet searching and reading many reviews I have decided to sign up to get a monthly subscription box sent to me every month. I wasn't sure which one to choose because I have heard many that have a good reputation and review, but I finally decided on the Glam Bag. The Glam Bag is made by a website called Ipsy. This monthly subscription box, or should I say bag, really caught my eye because of the unique design. Instead of getting the products in a box, you get them in a cute little bag! I think that this is really worth the small price of only ten dollars a month because not only are you getting your four to five samples, but you are also getting a nice bag to store make-up or whatever you want in it. I thought that this was very worth the mere ten dollars because of the versatility of the product. (Website for the Box)

When I first went on the Website it was very well designed and really easy to use. I clicked sign up, and you get sent to this quiz. You take a quiz that asks you various questions about your style and products that you like, ect. What the website claims is that with these questions they will help generate a box that is perfect for you and your personality, we will see about that when I get my first bag! What is good about these questions is it gives you the opportunity to choose more than one answer, because we all know that us girls can never make a decision on one thing! ;) Also, the website gives you the option to skip a certain question if you really don't want to answer the question or it just isn't relevant to you.

What is EXTREMELY awesome about this company is that they are affiliated with so many amazing brands of products that will appear in your bag at one time or another. When the questionnaire asked me what kinds of brands I would like to see in my bag I was expecting to see maybe a few brands I knew, but not much that I would find impressive...but boy was I wrong! When going through the list there are so many brands such as; OPI, Essie, Urban Decay, NYX, Clinique, Neutragina, Benefit, Butter London, Tarte, and many, many more! I was very impressed with the amount of brand names I knew and was very familiar with!

Another impressive thing about the quiz that I took was that they really went into detail about making my bag really apt towards me. First they started by asking the make-up, hair, and body products that I used the most. Then they proceed to ask your skin color, eye color, and hair color. I really love that they are taking the time to ask these questions because then they can make sure that all the colors of products that they will be sending me will match with the colors of my skin, eyes, and hair. Another amazing point in their company, well done Ipsy! So far I am very impressed...and I haven't even received a bag yet!

After all the questioning and creating your username and such you are asked which payment plan you would like to choose. They give you two options; Yearly: which is twelve bags for $110 or Monthly: Which you are billed ten dollars a month to your account and you get your bag every month. I chose the monthly option because it is more flexible for me and it is easiest to be able to just cancel at anytime after a month without having to worry about money that has already been taken from my account. 

Well, I have paid for my bag and hopefully it will be arriving soon and I can't wait! I am going to update you folks every month when I get one with pictures and how much I am loving my bag so far!

xoxo Emma.


  1. Hi Emma!
    So far I am enjoying your blog, however would you mind changing the color or font of the words, because it is very difficult to read.
    Anyways.. so far so good. :)

  2. I love my Bauty Boxes i have the Glossy Box and Birch Box subscription and love the little surprise every month

    Carrieanne x

  3. Love Love Love Love the idea of monthly beauty boxes and I'm considering subscribing to one myself.
    Can't wait to find out what you receive in yours!
    Amber xxxx

  4. sounds amazing. I like that it is tailored to you x