Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Long Time No See!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have updated or used this blog, but I think I am going to begin using it again. The name of my blog will still stay the same because I will still be writing posts about nails and hair but also in the title is the word "me". So I am going to start including a little more about myself.

I don't want anyone to think that this is a scam or me trying to get you to sign up for something that wouldn't bring you any purpose, but I promise that this is one hundred percent me and I wouldn't do anything to sway you any differently!

I am currently trying to make more money so I am trying to find different ways to generate money for myself. The website that I am currently using is called "Cash Crate". This website is one hundred percent totally legit. I have recieved three checks from this website and all of which have been real and I have been able to cash the money into my bank account.

All you have to do on this website is take surveys, complete offers, and sometimes even get money for buying something that you want! This website is really easy to use and it has legit pictures of peoples checks that they have recieved to prove that this is a real website and it is actually legit!

I promise you that if you are struggling for money or if you just need some extra cash to spend on yourself that this website is for you! I am not asking any of you to actually use this website, but I am just trying to help anyone that may be in the same position that I am in. If anyone has any questions I am always up for answering if you'd like to put them in the comments section!

If anyone is actually interested in using this website I am going to provide the link and I will become your referrer, so you will be able to message me directly using that link when you sign up!  Just click on this link and sign up and start making money today!

Love, Emma xxx

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