Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Your Average Water Marbling

This look is an interesting one! When you look close to the nails you may think that this was done with regular water marbling, which takes about two hours if you want them to come out looking good! I recently discovered a much easier and new way to create the water marbled look without all the mess, the time, and all the wasted tape. All you will need are two, or more, of your favorite nail polish combinations and a tooth pick! If you want to know more about this design and how to do it then read on. It shouldn't take you more than fifteen minutes!

( In Order of Picture )
  • Sally Hansons "150 Sun Kissed"
  • Sally Hansons "360 Mellow Yellow"
  • You will also need tooth picks, I suggest getting a bowl of them to keep by your side in case you need another one because of a mistake.

As I said previously you do not have to use these colors and you certainly do not have to limit yourself to just two colors! I wanted to test this look to see if it would work first so I just wanted to use two colors in case it didn't come out the way I wanted it to.

  1. First, as always, you want to start out by using your base coat to make sure that your nails don't get damaged by the polish. It is very important for this look that you make sure the base coat is completely dry before you start to paint on the nails.
  2. Now usually when painting nails you don't want to use too much polish on each nail, but for this look we are actually going to use more polish than usual. Also for this look you will have to do each nail at a time because you don't want the polish to dry.
  3. I took my color "Sun Kissed" and painted my whole nail, make sure to use a lot of nail polish so that you have kind of a puddle like effect on your nail compared to the regular smooth coat.
  4. Then take your next color and drop a few blobs of that color in different places on the nail. This may sound strange, but trust me, it works! 
  5. Immediately after you create the blobs take your tooth pick and swirl the two colors together, make sure not to press down too hard on the nail but just hard enough so that the two colors can combine. You can swirl the colors any way you want to create different patterns.
  6. Finally, as always, after the nails are COMPLETELY dry take your top coat and paint over your gorgeous nails to give them a pretty shiny finish.

Thank you again for reading about this nail design! I hope that everyone liked it and I hope that it gave an easier way to do water marbling. I know when I saw the water marbling trend come up I thought "How do people do that?!" I will do another blog post on how to regularly water marble sometime soon so you can see how much easier this is compared to the other one. I would love to hear some feedback if any of you decide to try this look! 

xoxo Emma

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  1. What a great idea Em!

    I love your new site and the step by step tutorial on how to achieve your version of water marbeling.

    Very interesting article and lovely photographs.

    Well done and I look forward to more post. :)

    Mum x